Our Values

Sustainable Heritage

The Heritage Supply Co. is committed to the triple bottom line - People, Planet, and Profit

Our financial bottom line serves the grander mission of supporting artisanal communities and preserving traditional skills and trades. Our products are also planet conscious, and inputs are sourced sustainably and made with 100% FSC certified recycled wood.

Our Values

To achieve a triple bottom line, we hold ourselves accountable to the following values:

  • Protect The Planet

Our products are eco-friendly and responsibly sourced.  

We do not inherit the planet from our ancestors; we are merely borrowing it from our children. Our product inputs are eco-friendly and responsibly sourced. Our planet conscious approach ensures that you and little ones are part of an environmental movement to keep our planet healthy for future generations! 

All THSC products are made with non-toxic, water-based or oil-based inks with no chemical coatings or varnishing. We ensure that all children’s products meet the highest safety standards.


  • Celebrate Multiculturalism 

We honor the beauty and richness of all heritages.  

Indigenous communities, cultures, and languages dating back to thousands of years are still alive! We, as people, are a manifestation of the multicultural nature of human evolution. THSC weaves the wisdom of the ancients through our creations. Our authentic artwork honors traditional artistry that encourages us to celebrate culture for all of its beauty and richness.


  • Inspire Learning

Our unique designs spark interest and curiosity.   

Our products inspire learning from the past and applying this knowledge and wisdom in our present and the future. We bridge old world knowledge, art, and wisdom with new world designs that attract the modern mind and spark curiosity in heritage. To revel in ancestral heritage grounds us, teaches us, and gives us purpose. We encourage the intrigues of the past to inspire our learning of today and for the future.



Luckshmi with members of a village savings group in Bihar

In addition to our focus on the Triple Bottom Line, The Heritage Supply Co. dedicates a portion of all sales to a variety of social, livelihoods, and environmental causes that we believe in. THSC’s commitment to giving back is heavily informed by our founder Luckshmi Nirmalananda’s 20 years' professional experience in Inclusive Economic Development, specializing in microfinance, livelihoods, and market development in the poorest communities around the world.

Luckshmi has lived and worked across the Americas, Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, Afghanistan, and South and Southeast Asia. Utilizing this experience, we are constantly on a mission to research, design, and support programs that support local communities in a meaningful and sustainable way. 

Livelihoods: By supporting artisanal communities, we believe in sustaining their livelihoods and keeping heritage trades and skills alive.  

Heritage: We contribute to the preservation of heritage sites and monuments the world over. Furthermore, we support initiatives that raise the voices and uplift the lives of indigenous and native communities. 

Environment & Wildlife: We believe that wildlife and flora are an integral part of heritage and cultural identity. In addition to using eco-friendly and FSC certified materials to sustainably manufacture our products with minimal impact on the environment and our planet, we will rise up to the needs of our planet. We are currently supporting the efforts of a variety of agencies working in response to the recent bushfires to save Australia’s wildlife and ecosystem in a way that is also sensitive to indigenous First Nations communities. 


Fire Relief Fund for First Nations Communities